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Singer for PSL 2022 revealed

Singer for PSL 2022 revealed

Singer for PSL 2022 revealed

There have been a lot of talks about the PSL anthem since it got released. With a huge line-up set for critiques over the PSL 2021 anthem, the fans now have opted for their variated choices to sing the upcoming editions of the songs.

A few want Atif Aslam while the other wants Ali Zafar. Whereas, with the war going in between the selection, the popular singer Akcent has presented his wish to sing the next PSL anthem.

He was spotted asking a Facebook user under his comment section to make #akcentwewantpsl6song a trend so he can get the next versions of the melodies.

Akcent says not this time but to make this hashtag a trend so he can get the upcoming songs showing his keen interest in singing for Pakistan.

Akcent asks to create a trend to get next PSL anthems 1

Here are a few tweets:

Singer for PSL 2022 revealed

Notably, the majority of the people disliked and continued to roast, troll the song making memes and humourous posts.

Shoaib Akhtar, the notable name among Pakistani cricketers, was spotted on Television where he mocked the song saying ‘ITNA BURA GANAA?’

He has humorously credited the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for coming up with a ‘nonsense’ song. Shoaib also termed the Young Stunners as ‘Rangeen Rapper.’

He says that he would have sung the better version of the song and Groove Mera is the worst one in the history of PSL songs. Analyzing the tune, Shoaib believes it rises somewhere and is a classic in some places.

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