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Snake stops play during Ind vs SA 2nd T20I

Snake stops play during Ind vs SA 2nd T20I

A rare situation was spotted during the ongoing India vs South Africa second T20I that is taking place at Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Assam, India. A snake from nowhere entered the field and stopped the play for some moments.

The incident took place during the seventh over of the first innings, when Indian openers Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul were on the pitch. The poisonous animal was carried away safely by the ground staff. Neither it caused harm to anyone, nor anyone caused the harm to the snake.

The footage went viral internet as millions of spectators noticed it crawling while watching Ind vs SA 2nd T20I on their screens. Players on the ground at the moment must have been frightened for a moment whilst its sudden appearance.

Twitter made memes out of it as some wrote that snake also wanted to watch the match.

Some mentioned their political tenions with Bangladesh whilst using the sanke’s appearance in the ground.

Some people mentioned the snake as the leader of the opposition party.

While others call it the craze of cricket in India.

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