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Sohail Khan – The pride of Pakistan

Sohail Khan - The pride of Pakistan

Sohail Khan – The pride of Pakistan

If the Almighty is concealing one feature from a being, he will be ceiling the other one to an extremity that the earth-living cannot praise enough for the baptisms. Sohail Khan is one of those very uncommon graced men who is gifted extremely by the most beneficial and merciful.

Sohail Khan – the only name representing Pakistan’s first blind sports statistician has got his mind like no one else. The cricket enthusiast can even remember any phone number glancing once at it.

Having his well-honed interest in cricket since boyhood, he used to hark to the commentary on the Radio missing on his eyes to testify live. But he never thought of it as a feebleness instead used it as a strength to heighten his experiences.

To prove and determine his skills, he had memorized the stats and data of over 100 players while listening on Radio. Blessed with such a broad mind, Sohail amalgamated all of the data surprisingly in his mastermind and cherishes even minor things he hearkened about cricket.

Let it be the domestic cricket or international, Sohail Khan pictures any stats quicker than ESPN Cricinfo – such superlative expertise. When there were no such statical websites, the ingenious-minded handled to cache all of the data in his cerebellum and can utter out even today.

Sohail Khan – The pride of Pakistan

Notably, he used to call on Radio channels while listening to the sports shows – this was the first point interlinked with his professionalism. The extreme talent incited getting a chance to show his specialty to the populace. He was hired by Green Team, one of the sports-related top-ranked platforms, where Sohail and of the journalists, Shahzaib Ali Bhutto did ‘The Quarantine Show’ talking to different international, local players and officials.

Sohail began getting noticed more and more on behalf of his powers and got a sea of opportunities by Samaa, News 92, and many more broadcasting channels. Currently, he is working on the platform from where he started, the Radio Pakistan channel, which is the official channel of Pakistan grasped by the jurisdictions.

As the Pakistan Super League (PSL 6) extends, Sohail Khan is accomplishing as an official statistician and also has attended a long list of other rivalries. He has been awarded for the consequences and was spotted on-screen talking to Zainab Abbas.

Shahzaib Ali – A rising cricket journalist and his journey with Sohail

The limitless credit goes to Shahzaib Ali for perpetually being with him for 5 years and sustaining him onward with never leasing him down. The Shahzaib-Sohail duo is frequently viewed on screens. They are capping the PSL as well and are usually noted together in the videos; DSB cricket is one of those forums.

Sohail Khan The pride of Pakistan 2

It is even worthy to mention that the friends have not even missed a single game that happened in Karachi during the last 5 years. Shahzaib said that,

Journey Started 5 years back when i met @Sohailsports for first time at FM 101. I was so amazed from his knowledge & with in no time we became good friends than we decides to cover cricket on ground & Alhumdulillah in previous 5 years we didn’t miss a single match in Karachi.

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