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Here is a solution to stop ball-tampering

Ian Chappell proposes a solution to stop ball-tampering

Ian Chappell proposes a solution to stop ball-tampering

The solution to stop ball-tampering: Ian Chappell, the former Australian cricketer has proposed ways that can help the cricketing fraternity get out of the ball-tampering. He believes that his idea might help the bowlers to use illegal means of changing the ball’s conditions.

Chappell is known to be a person with smart ideologies. This time too, he has presented a practical idea that can be implemented to avoid tampering scandals. He uttered that maybe his suggestions do not turn out to be productive but it can give some things to the naive bowlers as most of the cricket rules are written in favor of the batsmen.

While talking to one of the biggest cricket forums, ESPN Cricinfo, the commentator-turned cricketer added that things might get worst once David Warner releases his biography. His statement came in light of the fixing scandal in Newland that tainted the captain Steve Smith, the vice-captain David Warner, and the bowler Cameron Bancroft.

Ian Chappell proposes a solution to stop ball-tampering

His idea concludes a prepared list composing of the ideas from all international skippers regarding the legal solutions to help ball swing. He added that the list should be submitted to the upper head and the best of the ideas should be approved being sensible to avoid illegal ways.

“I think about 20 years ago, I said what they should do is go to the captains of every country and you get a list of things that they think will help the ball swing. Then you send us all these lists, we’ll go through them and we’ll come up with one thing and it will be a sensible thing, not using a bottle cap to scrape the ball. It’ll be viable but we’ll give you one thing that’ll help you swing the ball and everything else will be illegal,” Chappell said during a discussion on ESPNcricinfo

“Maybe I am naive but think if you did that, you might stop all the other shenanigans because you give them something in return,” Chappell added.

“Let’s look at the way the laws are written. They are pretty much always written in favor of the batsman and if you go right back to underarm bowling to sidearm bowling… to body line and ball-tampering – they all come about because the balance is too much in favor of the batsmen and the bowlers eventually say ‘we have had enough, we are mad as hell and we are going to do something about it,” he further said.

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