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Sourav Ganguly in hot water for girlfriend and wife remark

Sourav Ganguly in hot water for girlfriend and wife remark

The President of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly is under hot water after his days-old biased comment on women.

In his current combat with Virat Kohli, he mentioned that the former white-ball skipper fights a lot but yet, Ganguly loves his attitude. Querying in relevance, one of the media persons asked him how he manages his workload to which the president said only wife and girlfriend give stress.

“There’s no stress in life. Only wife and girlfriend give stress,”

Twitterati has gone crazy over his narrow-minded remark and says he is revealing his true colors with time. People mention that Ganguly has no respect for women. Some even write that he should not have gotten married if he was problematic with women.

The users are replying that the world is progressing faster but Ganguly is stuck in 1500 still thinking of women as objects.

Ganguly is sexist, say multiple users. Have a look at a few tweets bashing at him:

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