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Sri Lanka to decide whether or not to host Asia Cup 2022

Sri Lanka to decide whether or not to host Asia Cup 2022

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has given a deadline to Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) to decide whether or not to host the Asia Cup 2022. Amidst the poor political condition in the island nation, it has been assumed that the tournament’s venue will be reconsidered.

Last week, reliable reports revealed that the event is likely to be moved somewhere else from Sri Lanka due to the political turmoil. The issue was also discussed in the ICC meeting last week, but the decision in regard is yet to be taken.

Following the ACC’s deadline, SLC will be finalising its decision in a short course. The country can host the tournament since there is still time for it, but it might be difficult to stay optimistic following the council’s deadline, of 27th April.

Which country will host Asia Cup 2022?

Currently, there are many protests going on in Sri Lanka. The financial crisis is making it even harder for SLC to take a wise decision on hosting Asia Cup. Losing the hosting rights will be another perturbation in their way.

There are no speculations concerning which country is likely to host the contest in case Sri Lanka loses its hosting rights. The ACC is in touch with the board for major and minor updates. Notably, Asia Cup 2022 will kick-start on 27th August, and the grand finale will take place on 11th September.

Five participants including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are set to feature in the tournament. Whereas, one more team is to join them after a qualifying tournament which is scheduled to be held on August 20.

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