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This PCB official takes leave to work for USA Cricket

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Shoaib Naveed, a longstanding member of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has temporarily stepped away from his official duties to provide consultation and assistance to USA Cricket, raising questions and concerns among PCB employees.

Having held various positions within the PCB, including Project Manager of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and COO at Islamabad United, Naveed’s expertise and experience have been sought by USA Cricket for matters related to the Major Cricket League and other areas. It remains unclear whether he will receive compensation during his three-month leave, and employees within the PCB are questioning the special permission granted to him.

Interestingly, Naveed previously took a break from his role with the PSL in December 2020 but swiftly returned as Head of Broadcast Rights, Production, and Emerging Platforms. This recent leave has sparked discussions about potential conflicts of interest due to his close association with Islamabad United.

Furthermore, the granting of such an extended leave to Naveed has raised eyebrows, particularly in light of previous instances where long leaves were denied, as seen in the case of a woman requesting leave to travel to Canada.

Despite attempts to reach out to Naveed for his perspective on the matter, he has remained unresponsive to inquiries from Cricket Pakistan representatives.

As the situation unfolds, questions regarding the decision-making process and potential implications of Naveed’s involvement with USA Cricket continue to loom. The PCB will likely face scrutiny over the granting of leave and the handling of potential conflicts of interest within the organization.

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