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Top 6 cricketers celebration


Whether it is batsmen or bowlers, or even fielders, players celebrate when they achieve a certain milestone, takes wickets or takes catches.

Now, we look at the top six cricketers and their unique celebrations that fans enjoy to see.

1. Shahid Africa


Pakistan’s star all-rounder Shahid Afridi is well known for his “Star” pose when he picks up a wicket. He stands straight with arms wide and index fingers pointing towards the sky diagonally. He even does when he scores a century or takes a catch.

2. Imran Tahir

Imran Tahir is known for running as his celebration. The South African leg-spinner is always passionate about performing for his country. Over the age of 40, Tahir runs around the ground after picking up wickets with arms in the arm, punches the air and slaps his chest. His teammates usually had to run towards him to celebrate.

3. Ravindra Jadeja

Known as “Sir Ravindra Jadeja” as called by his teammates, the Indian all-rounder and a brilliant fielder known for his unique “sword” celebration which he does during batting when he achieves his fifty or hundred. He revealed in a press conference that it is a trademark Rajputana style, which he has been following.

4. Brett Lee

Australian fast bowler Brett Lee is known for his two famous celebrating styles. ; the “chainsaw” and air jump kick celebrations. Earlier in his days, he used to do the chainsaw celebrations. He began his air jump kick later on in his career where many young fans tried doing those.

Take a look at his chainsaw celebration.

5. Hasan Ali

Pakistan’s fast bowler Hasan Ali is known for his celebration called the “Generator”, in which he crouches down and suddenly gets up, spreading his hands. It is also known as the “Bomb explosion” by some fans.

6. Sheldon Cottrell

The West Indian quick Sheldon Cottrell celebrates where he marches shortly down the pitch and waves salute after bagging a scalp. Interestingly, he was a soldier by profession and the salute is to show respect to the Jamaican defence force.

Which is your favourite celebration?

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1 Comment

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