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Perfect captain: Umar Gul chooses between Babar and Sarfaraz

Perfect captain: Umar Gul chooses between Babar and Sarfaraz

Umar Gul, the former Pakistani pacer, has voiced his opinion on the captaincy skills of Sarfaraz Ahmed and Babar Azam. When asked to compare the two, Gul expressed his preference for Sarfaraz, highlighting the significant achievements made under his leadership. Pakistan’s victories in the ICC Champions Trophy of 2017 and their remarkable 11 consecutive T20I series wins are testaments to Sarfaraz’s captaincy.

Gul was further prompted to choose between two left-arm pacers, Mohammad Amir and Shaheen Shah Afridi. Having played alongside Amir in his career, Gul selected him as his preferred choice between the two. However, in a recent exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Gul expressed surprise at Amir’s decision to retire from international cricket. He emphasized the importance of self-reflection and personal accountability when faced with challenges in one’s performance.

Gul stated, “It’s not uncommon for players to face challenges when their performance falls short. However, it’s important to remember that you can’t always attribute it solely to a coach or external factors. Instead, holding oneself accountable and taking responsibility leads to growth. Embracing these challenges enhances performance, motivated by the desire to improve alongside excelling coaches and teammates.”

Regarding Amir potentially reversing his retirement decision, Gul raised the question of other talented fast bowlers vying for a place in the team. He pondered, “If we consider Hassan Ali or Mohammad Hasnain, who are unable to secure their spots in the team, even if Amir decides to come out of retirement, whom would you bench for him?”

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