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Update on Zimbabwean Brendan Taylor’s case

Update on Zimbabwean Brendan Taylor's case

Former Zimbabwean skipper, Brendan Taylor has been banned for all forms of cricket by the ICC anti-corruption unit for three and a half years for failing to report an approach from the Indian corruptors on time.

Taylor earlier felt he will be banned forever by the ICC for not approaching the global body at first after being fooled by the Indians.

Narrating the whole story last week, the former skipper added he was called by an Indian businessman who offered him $15,000 for a deal to launch a T20 tournament in Zimbabwe. Seeking cricket diminshing in the realm, Taylor agreed.

However, the player did not have an idea regarding the corruption to be caused later. After the deal was done, there was a celebratory dinner organized which also included drinks. Brendan, alongside the dealers, consumed cocaine, however, the cricketer did not know when he was recorded.

Next morning, the businessman entered Taylor’s room and asked him to fix the international matches showing him the cocaine consuming video. The corrupt Indian man threated the Zimbabwean cricketer for leaking his video if he denies to fix the games. Taylor, caring about his family, accepted the deal. The man offered next $20,000 once the fixing deal was done.

Despite all the synopsis, Taylor writes he did not cheat and took the $15,000 to fly back to Zimbabwe. The player did not match fix anywhere later on but took four months to report to case to the ICC which dragged him in hot water.

“He accepted the sanctions after admitting to various breaches of the Anti-Corruption Code while a separate charge of breaching the Anti-Doping Code was leveled against him for a positive test result for the stimulant Benzoylecognine, a cocaine metabolite, in September last year,” the ICC’s statement read.

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