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Virat Kohli talks about his poor mental health

Virat Kohli talks about his poor mental health

Virat Kohli’s poor form is no more behind curtains. The former Indian skipper enjoyed the best days of his life and is yet counted among the world’s cricketing giants. However, his downfall in the past two years is a debate to discuss.

In the last months, he had been the only batter to average 50 above across all formats. However, his Test average dropped below 50 following his visible struggles. Also, the T20I average has seen a decline that might also fall below 50 if Kohli’s poor form continues.

Despite struggling to score decent double-digit runs in all formats, he has also been looking to raise his bat for his 71st International Century. Kohli’s last hundred was against Bangladesh in November 2019.

The entire scenario has developed lashes for him. Although he still carries a stronger fan base, while talking in an interview with a local Indian site, he revealed the pressure one holds as an athlete can hit mental health badly. The former Indian captain says mental health is something serious to talk about.

“For an athlete, the sport can bring the best out of you as a player, but at the same time, the amount of pressure that you are constantly under can affect your mental health negatively. It is definitely a serious issue, and as much as we try to be strong at all times, it can tear you apart.”

Discussing his poor mental health, Kohli maintained that he has felt lonely in a room full of people on multiple occasions. Not only him, but many players, in their downfall, can relate to him. Advising others, he said to take time out for oneself and not lose it.

“I personally have experienced times when even in a room full of people who support and love me, I felt alone, and I am sure that this is a feeling that a lot of people can relate to. So, take out time for yourself and reconnect with your core self. If you lose that connection, it won’t take very long for other things to crumble around you,”

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