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Virat Kohli to Part Ways with Puma India

Virat Kohli to Part Ways with Puma India

  • Virat Kohli ends eight-year association with Puma India, eyes new partnership with Agilitas Sports.
  • Former Puma India Managing Director’s involvement in Agilitas Sports hints at a potential rift.
  • Kohli’s anticipated multi-year deal with Agilitas Sports comes amidst family commitments and cricket schedule disruptions.

After an eight-year-long partnership, former Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is set to part ways with Puma India, a brand he has been associated with since 2017.

Throughout his tenure, Kohli has served as a prominent brand ambassador for Puma, endorsing sportswear through various mediums such as billboards, social media ads, and television campaigns.

However, reports indicate that Kohli is poised to sign a new deal with Agilitas Sports, an Indian brand founded in May 2023 by former Puma India Managing Director, Abhishek Ganguly.

Rift or Renewal? Kohli’s Departure from Puma India Fuels Speculation, Heads Towards Agilitas Sports

The decision to move to Agilitas Sports comes amidst speculation of a possible rift between Kohli and Puma, particularly given Ganguly’s involvement in the new venture.

While Agilitas Sports is still in its nascent stages, Kohli’s potential partnership with the brand signals a significant shift in his endorsement portfolio.

The cricketer had previously inked a lucrative INR 110 crore deal with Puma, but the partnership is slated to conclude later in 2024.

Details regarding Kohli’s new deal with Agilitas Sports remain undisclosed, but it is anticipated to be a multi-year agreement.

The development comes at a time when Kohli finds himself preoccupied with family matters, as he awaits the arrival of his second child.

Consequently, Kohli had to miss the first two Tests against England and is expected to be absent from the upcoming third and fourth Tests as well.

There is uncertainty surrounding his availability for the fifth Test, highlighting the challenges of balancing personal commitments with professional obligations in the world of cricket.

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