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Wamiq Hasan – Pakistan’s first deaf engineer

Wamiq Hasan - Pakistan's first deaf engineer

Wamiq Hasan – Pakistan’s first deaf engineer

Wamiq Hasan, the founder of the DeafTawk, was spotted on-screen as HBL PSL Hamary Heroes warmly welcomed him to honor his social work.

Wamiq’s mission, DeafTawk, is a digital forum created to fulfill the gap between the general public and the deaf community via sign language. The innovative interpretation deserves credit but the Pakistan public goes too far mocking someone sometimes.

Wamiq Hasan, who himself is incapacitated by God, was preyed on by Pakistan’s memers on behalf of his speaking abilities. After he talked with Zainab Abbas during KK vs LQ, the memers got shallow content for their pages.

Mocking someone on behalf of their disability is not a kind act at all. The segment was aimed at appreciating his work serving his contributions to the deaf community.

Wamiq Hasan – Pakistan’s first deaf engineer

DeafTawk, the forum also provides online services which include audio-video translations, interpreting languages, and sign languages training. In Pakistan, where the total population of the deaf community makes 22 Million, 1.2 Million have registered themselves for the impairment.

Other than that, DeafTawk is bridging the gap between 266 Million deaf people and their communication with the general communities.

Wamiq is beating the barriers and tried to speak rather than using sign language when he was called on-field during the match. Such dedicated heroes deserve all of our respect rather than being trolled on their disability by Almighty as they did not choose themselves for it.

Notably, the founder of DeafTawk is the first deaf engineer from Pakistan. The official page posted that,

“We were at HBL PSL 6 in unsung heroes. A proud moment for Deaftawk: thank you PSL for the opportunity! Wamiq Hasan Co-Founder and CTO represented DeafTawk to raise awareness about our cause. Our initiative is to help the deaf community have access to equal opportunities in life.
Join hands with us to hear the unheard as we welcome an inclusive future!

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