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Watch: Girl proposes Imam ul Haq on air

Watch: Girl proposes Imam ul Haq on air

Pakistan’s left-handed batter Imam ul Haq has received a proposal from a girl during the live show, ‘Hasna Mana Hai’. In the Geo News Comedy show, the girl had the mic to propose Imam for marriage and everyone was left with shocking smiles.

The cricketer was left unanswered at first with visible blushes and replied what should he say. Next, he said the girl should visit his mother to which she said that she will. She further asked Imam not to say no as she will do anything for him.

“Will you marry me,” the girl asked? “What should I say?” Imam replied while blushing.

“Please don’t say no, I will do anything,” the girl reiterated. “You have to go to my mom,” the cricketer responded. “I will,” the girl accepted.

When will Imam ul Haq get married?

Revealing his plan to marry, Imam said he is not looking forward to doing so and his main focus is cricket for a year or two. He stated he will get married once his best friend, the captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team, Babar Azam will get married.

“For now, I don’t have any plan to get married. Maybe in the next one and a half year, you will see me getting married. But, currently my focus is on cricket. Firstly, Babar Azam will marry then I will think about it,”

The batter has 855 runs to his name in Test format in 14 games whereas, he has amass 2321 ODI runs and 21 T20I runs in 49 and 2 matches respectively.

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