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When will BCCI buy two new teams for IPL?

When will BCCI buy two new teams for IPL?

When will BCCI buy two new teams for IPL?

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) is finally on its way to add two new teams for IPL, the Indian Premier League but the plans always have been jeopardized amidst the on going pandemic. This time, the BCCI is making it happen officiating the news ahead of the IPL 2022.

Last year, it was speculated that the IPL 2021 will proceed ahead with two new teams but the existing teams did not agree for the mega-auction following less time between the 2021 auction and the extravaganza.

Later, the fourteenth release of the extravaganza, that started in April had to be coiled up amidst the COVID surge in the realm and is now ready to be hosted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). So, it already will be a few months left for the IPL 2022 as IPL 2021 is to recommence in September. Hence, the BCCI is up to the program for auctioning the two new teams for IPL 2022 from now on. It is speculated that bidding procedure may be coiled up this July.

When will BCCI buy two new teams for IPL?

After all the struggle and wishes to make the league a ten-team forum, the desire is going to come true soon with the buying parties indicating the final prices. It is now a matter of debate not only for the stakeholders but for adding the players on either side.

Already, the existing franchises are known as the world’s richest sporting teams with IPL itself being a cash-rich league. Speculating the price of the two new teams for IPL, one of the reliable sources added,

Going by this logic, one can expect the new franchises to be valued at a base price of USD 250 million (INR 1850 crore) while the final cost could be in the region of USD 300-400 million (INR 2200 crore to INR 2900 crore).

We always knew that the new teams would be upwards of USD 300-400 million. Look we are talking of RR, which is not one of the highest-ranked franchises, going by different IPL parameters. If its value is USD 250 million, it is only good news for the BCCI,

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