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Which modern cricketers has the best cover drive?

Cover Drives

A batsman is considered to be classy when he plays a stylish cover drives that makes one goes awed.

Unlike hard-hitting cricketers such as Chris Gayle, Alex Hales, Fakhar Zaman, Hardik Pandya etc. who looks to hit the ball hard for it to go to the boundary, proper driving batsmen play shots in what is described as “textbook” shots. Whether it is played through the covers, through square by playing cut shots, or flicking from his legs.

Now, we look at the modern cricketers who play cover drive shots that catch the eyes of not just spectators, but cameramen to post their astonishing looks.

Top modern cricketers with cover drives

1. Babar Azam (Pakistan)

Pakistan’s modern best batsman, Babar Azam has one of the stylist cover drives a world has seen. Babar loves playing through covers, as we have seen it many, many times. Even against the spin bowlers, he loves playing cover drives on them as well.

Take a look at his best cover drives in international cricket, as well as in Pakistan Super League (PSL).

2. Virat Kohli (India)

The modern great, India’s Virat Kohli is one of the classiest batsman a world has seen. He loves playing with open face bat, guiding the balls through the covers with such timing. He usually finds the gap with his way of driving the ball.

Take a look at his famous cover drives.

3. Steve Smith (Australia)

Perhaps the most unique style the world has seen, Steve Smith plays some incredible shots with his unorthodox stance. He stands slightly away from the stumps on back foot, before meeting with the ball and plays it will frontfoot.

Take a look at his drives in the video jointly by Joe Root’s drives.

4. Joe Root (England)

England’s finest top order cricketer in the 21st century, Joe Root enjoys playing those sweet juicy drives. One of the best players of spin in world cricket at the moment, there is a different aura of Joe Root playing the cover drives against the wolrd’s bests.

Joe Roots drives can be seen with a joint video of Steve Smith and his compilations begins at 2:35 minutes.

5. Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

Kane Williamson is a little different in playing the drives. He plays them as if he is afraid to hurt the ball. With soft push and timing, one just sits down and watch the New Zealand captain playing those drives.

Did we miss any modern players who plays better cover drives? Comment your thoughts.

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1 Comment

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