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Who is responsible for PSL postponing?

Who is responsible for PSL postponing?

Who is responsible for PSL postponing?

Who is responsible for PSL postponing: We cannot blame the single factor, right? When Darren Sammy and Wahab Riaz breached the bio-bubble yet entered the stadium, it showed the ethics, it showed clearly that rules do not even matter, it showed that rules are meant to be broken.

Pakistan and its residents have been inconsistent and irresponsible when it comes to following rules. Even the PCB had to go against its own COVID-related policies. The policy says that no player will be allowed to enter the stadium once the bio-secured bubble is breached until a three-day mandatory quarantine period is completed with negative tests.

Despite the policies, they were not implemented. We saw the Zalmi team denied entering the stadium without their coach and captain. The PCB had to break the regulations letting them in. Too much questionable and powerless in front of attitude.

Who is responsible for PSL postponing 2

Speechless for the rules! Does COVID even exist in Pakistan?

Who is responsible for PSL postponing?

Yes, the virus could not have entered but it justified that the management does not care, the officials do not care, the rules simply do not matter at all and everyone can do what they want.

There were multiple breaches out of which some were screened whereas, a few left behind the doors. Everyone knew that the COVID conditions are not stable yet the crowd allowance increased by 20 to 50 percent with only a mask needed.

Notably, a simple mask will not make a difference but the proper hygiene, SOPs, rules, and safety do. We have seen numerous glimpses of crystal clearing that there were no proper SOPs and rules followed. Social distancing looked more like a joke.

Who is responsible for PSL postponing 1

The new stages of COVID allowed no hugging but only elbow bumps

After the PZ incident got viral, United’s Fawad was scanned as COVID positive that let out a few more cases with the passing time. The three cases ought not to cancel the entire tournament, there are multiple factors that do matter but are still deniable facing the hidden truths.

Who is responsible for PSL postponing

Who is responsible for PSL postponing: Only Zalmi are not to be credited but the entire management, players are held accountable for the scenario. Salman Iqbal, the owner of the Karachi Kings revealed that he witnessed a proper collapse in the SOPs and following COVID-related rules.

Who is responsible for PSL postponing 3

Meeting stars with no social distance, no masks, no SOPs

He further added that there were people on the field who were not even a part of the bio-secure bubble. Other than this, TV reports declare that there were marriages being organized inside the hotels where players were staying. Who is responsible?

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