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World Cup 2023

3 reasons why fans believe World Cup 2023 was fixed by BCCI

3 reasons why fans believe World Cup 2023 was fixed by BCCI

The much-anticipated World Cup 2023 is reaching its climax in the vibrant cricketing nation of India, with the final scheduled at 2 pm IST at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium. The unbeaten Indian team is poised to face the formidable Australians after an impressive run in the group stage and convincing victories in the semifinals.

However, a cloud of controversy looms over the tournament, as fans passionately debate whether the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) might have influenced the outcome. In this article, we explore three reasons fueling the belief among fans that the World Cup 2023 was fixed.

Why fans believe World Cup 2023 was fixed?

Unbeaten India: A Suspicion That Grew with Each Victory

India’s dominant performance in the group stage, securing nine wins out of nine matches, has raised eyebrows among fans. The first reason why some believe the World Cup was fixed revolves around India’s unprecedented success.

The sentiment is that being BCCI’s event, there was an inherent desire for India to triumph at any cost. Fans point to the fact that India defeated all nine participants in the group stage, fueling suspicions of orchestrated outcomes to favour the host nation.

The Curious Case of Rohit Sharma’s Coin Tossing

The second reason contributing to the conspiracy theories surrounding the World Cup 2023 is the peculiar coin-tossing ritual of Indian skipper Rohit Sharma. Notably, Sharma’s unorthodox manner of tossing the coin has become a subject of controversy.

Speculations abound that the skipper deliberately throws the coin in a manner far from the opposing captain to prevent them from closely observing the outcome. This has led to suspicions of toss fixing, with allegations suggesting a bias towards India in crucial match moments.

Pitch Controversies: Last-Minute Changes Raise Eyebrows

The third factor adding fuel to the fire of scepticism is the controversy surrounding pitch changes. In the lead-up to Semifinal 1, the International Cricket Council (ICC) made a last-minute decision to change the pitch that was initially prepared for the match. Despite protests from the New Zealand Cricket (NZC), the newly prepared pitch wasn’t used during the clash against India.

The ICC defended the decision, stating that there is no rule preventing a last-minute pitch change. However, reports suggest that the alteration was made to favour Indian spinners. As anticipated, India won the crucial semifinal, amplifying suspicions of pitch manipulation to influence the outcome in India’s favour.

While the World Cup 2023 has showcased thrilling cricket and memorable moments, the cloud of suspicion surrounding the tournament’s integrity persists among some fervent fans. The unbeaten streak of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma’s unique coin-tossing approach, and last-minute pitch changes have collectively fueled speculation that the BCCI might have played a role in shaping the tournament’s outcomes.

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the final showdown between India and Australia, the debate over the legitimacy of the World Cup 2023 continues to stir passionate discussions among cricket enthusiasts.

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