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Will Hardik Pandya retire soon? Reveals Ravi Shastri

Will Hardik Pandya retire soon? Reveals Ravi Shastri

The former coach of the Indian Cricket Team, Ravi Shastri, has reckoned that the all-rounder Hardik Pandya might retire from One-Day Internationals after the conclusion of World Cup 2023 in India. The ex-coach believes Pandya will focus on one format after retiring from ODIs.

Playing three formats at once has been worrisome for some players, including England’s Ben Stokes, who has stepped down from ODIs recently. Including him, the cricketers across the world are finding it tough to manage the load. Also, the frequency of ODIs happening over the years is not assisting their cause to be its part.

It is visible that due to modern-day cricket shifting towards franchise-based and twenty-over cricket, players are taking a shift, either. Ravi, as quoted by India Today, has predicted, alongside Pandya, that multiple ODI retirements are on the board.

“Test cricket will always remain because of the importance it brings to the game. You have players already choosing what formats they want to play. Take a Hardik Pandya. He wants to play T20 cricket, and he is very clear in his mind that ‘I do not want to play anything else. He will play 50-over cricket because there is a World Cup in India next year. After that, you might see him going from that as well. You will see a similar thing happening with other players, they will start choosing formats, and they have every right to,”

Recently, great cricketers like Wasim Akram and Usman Khawaja have also talked about ‘dying ODI Cricket’. They feel players and everyone are now more centric to T20 Cricket and can generate enough playing shorter format and league cricket.

It can be said that ‘dying ODI cricket’ is due to the hefty amount of league cricket happening across the world. BCCI‘s proposal acceptance to include a two-and-a-half-month window in ICC Future Tour Programs (FTP) 2023-27 for the Indian Premier League can be another worst development to target international cricket further.

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