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Will Mohammad Amir play cricket again?

Will Mohammad Amir play cricket again?

Mohammad Amir, the left-arm Pakistani pacer is once again making headlines since he reportedly will come out of retirement to play international cricket. In December 2020, Amir first announced his retirement decision citing ‘mental torture’ under that time’s management Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), working under Misbah ul Haq and Waqar Younis.

However, a few months after his retirement, he came back out of it making himself available for selection. The bowler revealed that time’s Chief Executive Wasim Khan visited his home before the Abu Dhabi leg of the Pakistan Super League PSL 6 to make up things between the board and him. The ice between the two parties melted and Amir deliberately took his retirement back.

In 2021, despite the conflicts, the PCB offered him Domestic Contract 2020-21, Category A, but he furiously turned it down saying that the board should know about his retirement, league-oriented future plans – so much confusion if or not he wanted to play for Pakistan.

There were many gossips then, one of which was the left-armed bowler might move to the UK to earn his bread and butter from cricket. However, anything like that has not happened yet with the sources revealing the cricketer might take his retirement back ‘once again’.

Amir, who already had retired from Test cricket in 2019, mentioned that his focus will be limited-over cricket. However, he was bashed for the reason since people mentioned ‘Amir has ditched the country once again willing to play for money.

As of now, since Ramiz Raja will reportedly step down as PCB chairman, Amir, ditching the no-tolerance policy, can come out of retirement again. It must be noted Raja set a no-tolerance policy for the players with tainted pasts. You must read to know why Raja will retire as the board’s chairman.

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