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Women World Cup 2022: Player got locked in washroom ahead of Warm-up match

Women World Cup 2022: Player got locked in washroom ahead of Warm-up match

The Australian women team was in displeasure after one of the crucial members, Nicola Carey got locked in the washroom at Lincoln Green in New Zealand on Sunday. Carey, who is busy in the warm-up matches ahead of the ICC Women World Cup 2022, got stuck in the toilet for more than 20 minutes, ahead of Australia’s warm-up match versus the West Indies.

After everyone in the team looked for the cricketer, she explained how she got stuck there. However, they all were laughed out loud at the hilarious situation. After serving the tough case, Carey herself was all smiling with the mates. The people also revealed whilst laughing how they unlocked the bowler.

“I got to the ground and needed to use the facilities, so I took myself to the toilet, locked the door, and couldn’t get out,” Carey, 28, said in a video posted by Cricket Australia.

Andrea Nelson, who is the CEO of Cricket World Cup, told that she immediately called Mills, the team manager, who handed a butter knife to unlock Carey. However, the tool was of no use.

“It was jammed, so I had to get Mills [the team manager] to round up some people to unlock the door and in the process, she handed me a butter knife.”

The right-handed bowler was eventually freed after a master key of the door was found. Later, she joined her anticipating mates ahead of the warm-up encounter against the Caribbean.

It must be noted the Australians are striving for their seventh title in the Women World Cup. They hammered the West Indies that day, however, faced a stroke of bad luck in the next match versus New Zealand.

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