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Security threats for Pakistan in India: World Cup schedule undergoes consecutive rescheduling

Security threats for Pakistan in India: World Cup schedule undergoes consecutive rescheduling

  1. HCA seeks BCCI schedule changes over security concerns.
  2. Consecutive high-profile matches in question.
  3. Third reschedule adds uncertainty to the Pakistan-India showdown.

The 2023 World Cup schedule could be in for further tweaks, as the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) has formally approached the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) seeking revisions.

The focal point of this matter revolves around consecutive matches scheduled at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Uppal. On October 9, the stadium is slated to host a showdown between New Zealand and the Netherlands, immediately followed by the intense clash between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on the next day (October 10).

Pakistan not safe in India, World Cup schedule changes again and again

Reports from The Indian Express emphasize that the Hyderabad Police have expressed concerns regarding potential security challenges associated with hosting back-to-back matches, with particular emphasis on the high-profile Pakistan fixture.

To address these security concerns, the HCA has made a formal request to the BCCI for adjustments to the schedule of the two consecutive matches it is set to host. These requested adjustments stem from security issues raised by local law enforcement.

Initially, the Pakistan-Sri Lanka match was scheduled for October 12, but the date was altered, along with eight other fixture reschedulings. Notably, the Pakistan versus India game was moved a day earlier to October 14.

The logistical requirements for a single match are substantial, involving the deployment of approximately 3,000 police personnel. Additionally, a significant security presence is deemed necessary at the hotel accommodating the Pakistan team.

Sources with inside knowledge have revealed that the HCA was caught off guard when the schedule was revised. Allegations have surfaced suggesting that the BCCI’s higher-ups made these alterations without prior consultation with local authorities.

With ticket sales scheduled to commence on August 25, uncertainty looms over whether the BCCI will accommodate the HCA’s request for another schedule change. The situation remains fluid as stakeholders work to find a resolution that prioritizes both security and the smooth execution of the tournament.

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