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World Test Championship

Pakistan will face these teams in WTC 2023-25

wtc 2023-25 schedule for pakistan

The ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 has come to an end with Australia taking away another ICC trophy, completing the list of all ICC trophies within their cabinet. They defeated India in the prestigious final showdown by 209 runs to lift the trophy under Pat Cummins’ leadership.

While it has not been a day since WTC 2023 ended, fans are already eager for WTC 2023-25 schedule. The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently released home and away fixtures for the nine participants. Each of them will play three tests at home and three away.

In the case of Pakistan, Babar Azam and co will face off against England, West Indies, and Bangladesh at home. Whereas, they will travel to Australia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka for their away series for WTC 2023-25.

Here is the complete WTC 2023-25 schedule for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, India, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies.

WTC 2023-25 schedule

Team Home 1 Home 2 Home 3 Away 1 Away 2 Away 3
Pakistan England West Indies Bangladesh Australia South Africa Sri Lanka
Bangladesh New Zealand South Africa Sri Lanka India West Indies Pakistan
Australia India West Indies Pakistan New Zealand England Sri Lanka
India New Zealand England Bangladesh Australia West Indies South Africa
England Australia West Indies Sri Lanka New Zealand India Pakistan
New Zealand Australia England South Africa India Bangladesh Sri Lanka
South Africa India Pakistan Sri Lanka New Zealand West Indies Bangladesh
Sri Lanka New Zealand Australia Pakistan England South Africa Bangladesh
West Indies India South Africa Bangladesh Australia England Pakistan

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