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Younis Khan tells why he stepped down as a batting coach

Younis Khan tells why he stepped down as a batting coach

Younis Khan tells why he stepped down as a batting coach

Younis Khan is the trending topic for the cricketing fraternity nowadays. Since he has stepped down as the batting coach of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the different controversies, either from past or present, are being the limelight.

Featuring as a guest in the Eleventh-hour show by Wasim Badami, the former batsman has cleared all the debates answering the queries and confusions appropriately.

Younis Khan clears all the debates.

Younis Khan tells why he stepped down as a batting coach

While telling the reasons behind his refraining as a batting mentor of the PCB, he said that he had surgery that was not considered by the board. Leaving the bio-bubble in midways turned out to be career-threatening as one of the PCB’s spokespersons warned him linking Hafeez’s example with the scenario.

Notably, Hafeez was not named in the Pakistan squad for the recent home series against South Africa. Although he informed the board about his unavailability for two days due to a packed schedule with the T10 league, the board’s policies weighed him ‘unavailable,’ labeling the squad without inducing the all-rounder.

There was a camp in Lahore. The PCB did not denounce me about the biosecure bubble. I informed everyone that I have surgery. However, I entered the camp. On June 3, the PCB called to announce that my flight has been booked.

On June 22, the doctor’s call came doubting why I have not hemmed the biosecure bubble. I reported to him I have surgery hence, I can not join

I received another call. I narrated to him that I have surgery and can’t join, I was astounded as the person warned me if you don’t come then there could be a situation like Muhammad Hafeez, the caller said as it can happen with Hafeez, so it can be with you.

The former coach continued that after this threat, he had to stop the spokesperson and cleared him about his roles as a ‘coach’ but not as a ‘player.’ Younis wonders that if the board treats a coach like this so how? would they be treating the players.

I stopped him at the minute and replied I am not Hafeez but Younis Khan. If I, as a coach, will not be valued then what will be the reputation of the player in PCB’s cores.

Moreover, discussing Mohammad Yousuf’s involvement in Younis’s roles, he said he found it unbearable for any other person to dispense handouts with the batters despite being the batting coach.

I was the batting coach of the national team yet was kept unaware. I profess to Wasim Khan that when I am present, how are the outsiders giving tips?

Hasan Ali is not the reason behind this, says Younis Khan:

Opening up the recently highlighted Younis-Hasan debate, the former batting mentor added that he would have left the PCB 5 months ago if it was the reason behind his retirement. He recapitulated that the matter had been resolved at the moment.

Me and Hasan Ali had friction. I got a report that Hasan Ali is very dishearted after collapsing with me. He made me some tea and sent me to the room. I ran to the dressing room myself and we met. Everyone clapped as a gesture.

Here is the video:

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