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Zainab Abbas starts new inning of her life

Zainab Abbas starts new inning of her life

Zainab Abbas, the renowned Pakistani sports anchor, has announced the blessed news on her social media. Soon to be a mom is happy to welcome the family’s new member starting a new chapter of her life.

She got married to Hamza Kardar in 2019, who is the son of former finance minister and former governor of State Bank of Pakistan, Shahid Hafeez Kardar, himself the son of Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Pakistan cricket team’s first captain.

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Zainab Abbas pregnant – soon to be a mom:

On her Twitter, the pregnant Zainab Abbas posted gratefully that,

On another note, my travel partner this past year. Feels more like a test match rather than a T20, but managed to weather the storm and carry on working throughout. Hoping this new journey is as rewarding as the previous one. Grateful!

Her journey has been an inspiration for every woman across the globe. From being a make-up expert to being a well-known cricket journalist, Abbas has an achieved a lot in between. Being on the climax of success, she has been doing wonders on the cricket field.

Starting her cricketing career, she has been writing columns at different sites alongside conducting several interviews. From a small to an enterprise-scale, she is now going upper hand to the big names such as the ICC and Sky Sports.

Zainab recently announced that she is completely deaf for one year but she did not let this step in her career as a barrier. The wonderful lady still has to receive a lot in two aspects; a new mom, and cricket world.

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