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Zaka Ashraf to remain PCB Chairman

Zaka Ashraf to remain PCB Chairman

  • Zaka Ashraf to remain in charge of PCB until the end of the ODI World Cup.
  • Challenges and controversies have marked Ashraf’s leadership during his tenure.
  • Anwar ul Haq Kakar emphasizes the doctrine of necessity and stability in PCB management.

Zaka Ashraf’s continued leadership at the helm of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been confirmed by Anwar ul Haq Kakar, who currently serves as Pakistan’s acting prime minister and the PCB patron. This decision extends Ashraf’s tenure until the conclusion of the ODI World Cup in India, offering stability during a challenging period.

The Ashraf-led interim management committee, initially set to conclude its term on November 5, has faced scrutiny due to a series of significant issues. These challenges include a press release that mistakenly blamed players like Babar Azam and Inzamam-ul-Haq, who had already resigned as chief selector. Additionally, a controversial leaked WhatsApp conversation between the team captain and a senior PCB official further added to the PCB’s woes.

Several members of the management committee, including Zulfiqar Malik and Mustafa Ramday, expressed their dissatisfaction with Ashraf’s decision-making and his inaction concerning board elections. In October, Malik conveyed his disapproval of PCB operations via email to Ashraf, fellow committee members, and the prime minister. Ramday also voiced his discontent with the way the board was being managed.

Kakar, addressing the situation, emphasized that they would carefully evaluate the necessary actions after the ongoing tournament. For now, the focus remains on the ODI World Cup, and no major decisions will be made. The doctrine of necessity, a legal concept allowing decisions based on practicality, factors into this approach. Once the World Cup concludes, further assessments will occur.

As the acting prime minister and the PCB patron, Kakar had the choice of selecting a new committee or extending the current one, and the latter option was chosen. This decision underscores the importance of maintaining stability within the PCB during a crucial sporting event.

The reference to the doctrine of necessity by Kakar is notable, as it is associated with past judgments in Pakistan, including those authorizing the deployment of emergency powers and military coups. Kakar made these remarks just before Pakistan’s vital World Cup match against New Zealand.

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