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Shoaib Akhtar speaks to praise himself

Shoaib Akhtar speaks to praise himself

Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistani fast bowler, has uttered words in his favour saying there is nothing in modern cricket like him. He has reckoned today’s fast bowlers, in no way, matches his potential. Akhtar believes he is unrivalled with the years of legacy to continue.

While talking to foreign media, the former cricketer stated that bowlers today do not have long hair, and can not bowl as fast as him. Making the bold comment in regards, he said the fast bowlers should injure the batters with their turbo deliveries.

“Fast bowlers don’t even strike the ball on the head, and I think fast bowlers should injure the batters.”

Known as Rawalpindi Express for various reasons has a record of dispatching the fastest bowl in the history of cricket. His delivery of 161.3 km/hr (100.2 mph) came versus England’s Nick Knight. The speeds counted 153.3 km/h, 158.4km/h, 158.5km/h, 157.4km/h, 159.5km/h and 161.3km/h respectively finishing the maiden over.

Talking about his unique and ever-lasting record, Akhtar said he could have bowled faster than that. Furthermore, he commented if his knee was not an issue, he has all those capabilities to relive his fast bowling skills even better.

“I have bowled faster than 161.3 km per hour, and I have bowled faster than 163 km per hour in my career. If my knee operation and three months of training are completed, I can bowl at 145 km per hour, and even today, I may get the ball bowled at 150 km”.

The renowned cricketer also revealed his favourite wicket saying Adam Gilchrist’s wicket in the 2002 Test match is his favourite wicket above Rahul Dravid’s in Calcutta in 1999.

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