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Indo-Pak rivalry: What will happen to Asia Cup 2023 now?

PCB Pursues Diplomatic Solution for India's Participation in Asia Cup

  • Venue standoff: Pakistan and India clash over Asia Cup 2023 location.
  • Chairman Sethi aims to find a solution amid rising tensions and World Cup concerns.
  • Crucial 48 hours as PCB engages with ACC officials, international cricket at stake

In a high-stakes battle for the Asia Cup 2023, the next 48 hours hold immense significance as cricketing powerhouses Pakistan and India find themselves at odds over the tournament’s venue. The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee, Najam Sethi, has made his way to Dubai, where he is scheduled to engage in crucial discussions with officials from the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) to address this pressing issue.

The fate of Asia Cup 2023 hangs!

The crux of the matter lies in the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) reluctance to send their team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. The BCCI insists on a neutral venue, while the PCB remains steadfast in its desire to host the event within Pakistan, as it would signify a significant stride towards the revival of international cricket in the country.

Complicating matters further, the PCB’s proposal of a hybrid model, allowing India the option to play their matches at a neutral venue, appears to have been met with resistance from the BCCI. Consequently, tensions have escalated, placing the fate of not only the Asia Cup but also Pakistan’s participation in the ODI World Cup this year in jeopardy.

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Addressing the media during the National Assembly Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) meeting, Chairman Najam Sethi emphasized the need for a rational approach to resolve this brewing crisis. He expressed concerns that if India refuses to travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, the Pakistani government may reciprocate by prohibiting their team’s participation in the World Cup held in India. Such an outcome, he warned, would undoubtedly inflict a severe blow on the sport of cricket itself.

Sethi stressed the urgency of finding a middle ground, one that would avert potential disruptions to the smooth hosting of both ICC and ACC events. As the countdown to the Asia Cup continues, the ramifications of the Pakistan-India standoff reverberate through the cricketing world, leaving fans and officials anxiously awaiting a resolution.

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