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Here is why Moeen Ali retires from Test cricket

Here is why Moeen Ali retires from Test cricket

England’s all-rounder, Moeen Ali has determined to hang up his boots on Test cricket saying the intensity can be too much sometimes.

The 34-year old feels that to figurate his love for cricket, he needs to abandon cricket’s longest format focusing and performing in limited-over cricket. Moeen says whatever he has rendered to the realm, is enough so far and is satisfied ahead of his Test career.

After a long-awaited call to be back in England’s Test squad, he was summoned for the Leeds test and the one at Kia Oval recently against India. Understanding it as the exact time to retire from Test cricket following his lost form with the bat, Moeen believes he had lost his concentration back then and should lessen up the intensity.

It is not like if he did not care or lost interest in Test cricket but he felt he lacked something required to flourish in Test cricket. Hence, his new area of concentration is now limited-over formats.

The roots of his retirement can be stretched back to 2019 when he lost his full-time contract from the England Cricket Board (ECB). It made him think ‘that is it’. Gradually disjoining Test cricket, he went on for franchise cricket opportunities without the contract to rely upon.

Moeen Ali leaves himself, fans equally cherished and disappointed:

He is equally delighted and furious over the decision, so are fans. Bidding farewell close to the run-mark of 3000 and 200 Test wickets is something that will require ‘forever’ hunger to complete but left the way as it is – 64 Test matches, 195 wickets, 2914 runs!

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